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Floatation devices for young children

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Over the years we have had many parents contact us asking for swim lessons, and when we question what their children’s comfort level in the pool is they reply” They can swim, with a puddle jumper”.

We want to give everyone a bit of feedback on the use of “Puddle Jumpers” versus other swim aides.

The ”Puddle Jumpers” are floatation devices that have buoyant objects strapped to the front as well as the back of the swimmer, resulting in the swimmer floating upright, feet down in the water. This position prevents the swimmer from moving properly on the water in addition to creating a false sense of security when jumping into the water.

If families are looking to use floatation dives that will assist in learning how to swim, we recommend using devices that are strapped around the waist and have the floatation device on the back(Bubble). This results in the swimmer facing the water with the legs in a better swimming position and enables them to move their arms and legs to swim. Neither of these devices are life preservers and the swimmers should NEVER be unattended in the water. However, IF you find the need to use any floatation device, we recommend a Bubble versus a Puddle Jumper.

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